Key to Markets PAMM

Percentage Allocation Management Module, also known as PAMM system, is a software application which allows Traders to share their strategies with Investors interested in them.

Investor can access their PAMM accounts through a web based user interface, which means they simply need their usual web browser on any device (whether mobile or desktop pc), and it is not necessary to install the MT4.

Advantages of the PAMM software:

  • Experienced Traders can maximise their profits and build a certified track record that could be the first step on their career path as Professional Fund Manager.
  • Investors with little spare time can take advantage of the best strategies shared by Traders on our Social PAMM page, while keeping full control of their own accounts.
  • Investors can quickly join or quit a PAMM through a quick and easy process, which is usually completed within a few business hours.
  • Profit/Loss allocation of all trades through hourly NAV calculation.
  • It is based on an online platform, no software needs to be installed.
  • The service is highly customizable: Investors can autonomously choose which PAMM to join, Managers can set flexible fees structures (“offers”).
  • The system is safe for Managers as the strategy intellectual property is protected (Investors cannot reverse engineering).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Key to Markets does not solicit any investment and does not promote any particular PAMM account, it simply provides the technological platform. Traders sharing their strategies through Social PAMMs are not employee or agents of Key to Markets, they are independent third parties. If anyone is providing you with unclear or misleading information about their relation with Key to Markets or should they insist for you to join a particular PAMM we kindly ask you to inform us immediately.

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