PAMM Manager Account

What is a PAMM Manager account?

A PAMM account, also known as Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a software application which allows Traders to share their strategies with Investors interested in them.

The funds of the Investors who joined the PAMM are pooled into a single MT4 account (also known as “Master account” or “MM”) which is operated by the Trader as any other MT4 account.

On an hourly basis the PAMM system performs an automatic procedure known as “Rollover“ and calculates the Net Asset Value (NAV) so the balance and equity value of the Investors’ accounts is updated accordingly.

It is essential to understand that the PAMM system allocates on an hourly basis the P/L of both closed and open trades and does not allocate the traded lots as usually done by MAM systems offered by other brokers. This feature brings up several benefits: for examples the distribution among Investors of the P/L generated by a microlot trade (0.01 volume) without any “rounding” issue.

How to set up a PAMM Manager account

A PAMM Manager account can be set up when at least one Investor has funded a real trading account with at least $1,000. This first Investor could also be the PAMM Manager.

Once this condition is met, the new Manager can send us an email requesting the creation of the new PAMM account and listing the desired features:

  • PAMM nickname (if desired, this will appear on the public “Social PAMM” web page);
  • Commission Profile (PRO / Standard);
  • Applicable Fees (Performance fee / Management fee / etc);
  • MT4 account number of the first Investor (with minimum balance of $1,000 ready to be transferred to the new PAMM).

Usually the new PAMM is set up within 1 business day and the Manager will receive:

  • Credentials to access the PAMM Manager portal to supervise Investors entry and exit.
  • Credentials of the MT4 account where the Investors’ funds are pooled and where the actual trading activity will be carried out.
  • Extensive manual with the instructions to operate the PAMM system.

Benefits of a PAMM Manager account

Customizable fee structures: set performance, management and other types of fees.
No additional costs.
Display your strategy on our Social PAMM page to attract new Investors and scale up your business.
Free widgets for your website.
Total protection of the intellectual property of your trading strategy.
No “rounding” issues as the PAMM systems distributes the P/L of each trade not the lots.

Public PAMM accounts are available at this address: Social PAMMs.

If you don’t want to make your PAMM account public you will be given a private password that your Investors can use to join your new PAMM account.

The PAMM Manager account is for you if:

  • You wish to scale up your trading business, making the most of your profitable strategies.
  • You aim to start a career as professional Trader getting your certified track record at no cost.
  • You enjoy competition: it is possible to display your performance on our public Social PAMM web page and compete with other Traders to attract new Investors.
  • You are concerned about protecting the intellectual property of your strategies (Investors can’t see or reverse engineer them) and yet you are glad to share your profits with others.
  • You wish to take the first step to start up your own hedge fund starting from zero.
  • You already work for an investment fund but you wish to take advantage of the Key to Markets Social PAMM to attract new Investors.
  • You need a reliable and effective technology solution after being disappointed by the MAM systems provided by other brokers.

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