PAMM Investor Account

Are you a new Trader with little experience who wishes to replicate the performance of successful strategies?

Are you an experienced Investor willing to differentiate your trading strategies?

The Key to Markets PAMM Investor Account is the answer to the above questions.

What is a PAMM Account?

A PAMM Account, also known as Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a software application which allows Traders to share their strategies with Investors interested in them.

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What are the advantages of investing in a PAMM account?

Replicate the performance of one or more successful trading strategy.
No need to rent a VPS (save at least €35 per month).
Risk diversification by building a portfolio of different strategies.
Check your account in real time and receive the daily statement by email.
Join or quick a PAMM within one business day.
No risk to get allocated pre-existing losses as the software calculates the NAV and distributes all profit and losses on an hourly basis.

The procedure to invest in a PAMM account is very easy: choose which PAMM you wish to join and click on the green button “Invest”.

PAMM Account features

A dedicated PAMM Investor account is separated from your personal MT4 trading account to ensure the segregation of funds used for personal and PAMM trading strategies.

The PAMM Investor account can be easily accessed through a web interface either on a desktop PC, a smartphone or a tablet. The URL to access your PAMM Investor account is You can use any browser (e.g. chrome, safari, firefox, opera, etc.).

The PAMM Investor receives a daily report via email for each subscribed PAMM.

If you do not wish to trade on your account as you only want to subscribe a PAMM then there is no need to download the MT4 platform or any other software.

Innovative and advanced live reports and statistics including:

  • Historical chart of the used leverage.
  • Daily Return Volatility.
  • Recovery factor.
  • Return geometric average.
  • Sharpe ratio and much more.

Key to Markets PAMM account is for you if:

You want to invest in Forex and commodities with minimum effort.

You don’t want to give up your trading activity (the MT4 account for personal trading is separate from the PAMM account, so you can also continue to invest as you’ve always done).

You wish to invest in different strategies while saving on the VPS cost.

You want to keep control on your capital (you will have real-time reporting available and will receive a daily statement via email detailing profits and losses of the day).