Copy Trading

Key To Markets Copy Trading

Copy trading is a form of automated trading that allows you to copy top-performing traders. Choose a top investor to copy, and when they trade, so do you.

Advantages of copy trading:

  • Fully Automated, all trades are automatically replicated in real-time from the provider to the follower account.
  • Remain in total control of your trading account, you can decide to close open trades and/or open new trades anytime.
  • 100% free, you will not be charged for using the CopyTrader features.
  • No restriction, you can decide when to start/stop copying trades and when to deposit or withdraw money, anytime.
  • Exploit professional traders’ experience and knowledge of financial markets from our Social Trading page.
  • Save your time, you do not have to spend time studying charts all day long.
  • Available from mobile.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Key to Markets does not solicit any investment and does not promote any particular Social Trading strategy, it simply provides the technological platform. Traders sharing their strategies through Social Trading are not employee or agents of Key to Markets, they are independent third parties. If anyone is providing you with unclear or misleading information about their relation with Key to Markets or should they insist for you to join a particular Social Trading strategy we kindly ask you to inform us immediately.

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