Fed’s Lockhart (FOMC 2018 will be entitled to vote):

  • US economic growth potential than the overall GDP data information more encouraging.
  • Britain off the short-term effects of Europe “may have ended,” of which still need to assess the impact.
  • Monetary policy needs to be complemented by fiscal measures, major fiscal stimulus measures must be after the November US presidential election to wait.
  • We may see the next US government to take fiscal measures to support US growth.
  • Consumer activity remained “very strong”, the actual terminal sales are expanding.
  • Does not rule out the next time in 2016 or later may raise interest rates.
  • Monetary policy is the best policy was overall economy.
  • Fed will not raise interest rates yet to regret, hope to see more robust economic signals.
  • There are large amounts of data will be disclosed before the Fed held September FOMC monetary policy meeting.
  • Fed policy limit has not been reached, but the option is limited to the vicinity of zero interest rate range.
  • Asset Value “relative floating”, should be regulated.
  • Eventually sold the bonds from the portfolio, which may result in upward pressure on interest rates will.
  • Pension funds sovereign importance, not happen overnight causing financial stability risks.
Source: Wall Street CN