Bitcoin down over a percent having a session low at 8283.80$ (KTM: BTCUSD) in Tuesday. The digital currency moved higher for five straight sessions for the first time after Dec 07, 2017. The oscillator remains bullish.

As shown in the below chart, the price pause the rally at 14MA. A break above 14MA targets at 20MA seem at  9570.00$

On the hourly chart, the price has been elevating in a rising wedge pattern, has a tendency to break down the pattern first before further gearing up.

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After a dramatic plunge last month, finally, the popular digital currency finds its feet slowly. The price has held the 80.0 fib reaction (Mid-Sep 2015 low- Dec high). The daily RSI gradually forwards and the oscillator turns bullish.

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It is important to always keep in mind the risks involved in trading with leveraged instruments.

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