St. Louis Fed President Bullard: recent GDP data, inflation is expected to show understanding of the market for the Fed to raise interest rates may be more appropriate path.
The labor market, inflation data, the global impact of the mid-term expectations indicate FOMC cut may be more appropriate; US payrolls growth rate higher than the long-term trend.
Market expectations and the FOMC is expected to raise interest rates there are differences, the market basically does not expect interest rates to normalize.

A year ago FOMC had expected economic growth have 3%; FOMC have to make adjustments for changes in the situation.
According to the global and US specific conditions, you can take different paths to raise interest rates.
FOMC strategy is to achieve normalization by slow gradual hike interest rates.
The market in June rate hike expected to be more optimistic.
Policy differences itself will not lead to a stronger dollar.
Low productivity growth in the United States own worries; uncertain when technology can drive productivity growth.
It can not determine how the labor market impact of future inflation.
The Fed can not affect productivity growth.
The Fed does not intend to intervene inflation-protected bonds (TIPS) market; TIPS market can well convey signals.

Source: Wall Street CN