In this article, we will analyse the necessary steps “to open and close an MT4 position in an iPhone and an iPad, and setting the market execution. In the following article we will post instructions on “how to insert pending orders or how to modify the existing pending orders.

With the MT4 application for iPhone and iPad opening a position is extremely easy:

1-First, it’s necessary to “click” on the instruments you wish to trade in the “Quotation” screen and then you need to select “Trade” from the drop-down menu as you can see below:


2 -Next, you’ll be redirected to the order panel (“Trade” section) where you are be able to open your MT4 position and set the desired quantity and order you would like to trade.



Once you have chosen the order type (a) and set the amount you would like to trade (b), by filling in the blanks, you’ll be able (in the event you have selected a market order) to buy or sell by clicking on the buttons “Sell by Market” (red) and “Buy by Market” (blue).

3-In order to close a position, it is necessary to access the “Trade” section from the MT4 for iPhone and iPad in which the summary of your account situation and of the open positions is visualized.


You will then need to select the position you wish to close, by clicking and holding on the currency pair you would like to close. Next, from the drop-down menu you will just have to select “Close” and confirm the order in the following screen by clicking on “Close from the Market” (in orange).