As of May 24, the Fed started from the current round of monetary policy tightening cycle is over 160 days, so the first two Fed rate hikes interval has record since 1977 longest. Foreign media analysis of the past 40 years to sort out and the policy direction of the Federal Reserve found that the Federal Reserve since the 1970s, the first two rate hikes average interval of 88 days, two consecutive rate hikes average interval of 40 days .
Luz Padilla Doubleline portfolio manager: 2016 oil prices will be in the $ 40- $ 50 / barrel range, which is the countries and companies are “controlled” in.
China’s foreign exchange reserves decreasing trend should slow down.
China needs US $ 2.1-2.2 trillion in foreign reserves in order to maintain stability.
Doubleline of Padilla: the Fed is more likely to raise interest rates in July.
The Fed is expected to wait until after the June 23 referendum on the United Kingdom before the end of the action.

Head of the Russian Ministry of Finance debt Vyshkovsky: major buyer of Russian eurobonds for UK investors will sell to the end of the remaining $ 1.25 billion worth of euro bonds.

Japan’s “Yomiuri Shimbun”: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe raised the consumption tax will be postponed.

Source: Wall Street CN