Source: Wall Street CN

Citigroup: China due to demand factors raised short-term iron ore price expectations.
2016 iron ore prices will average $ 49 / ton in 2017 to $ 42 / ton.
Stronger than expected Chinese demand for iron ore prices will provide support.
Still pessimistic about the medium-term outlook for iron ore prices.
2019 may be the average price of iron ore at $ 38 / tonne in 2020 may be 40 US dollars / ton.
Expand the supply of low-cost iron ore will force prices lower.

Australia May AiG Performance of Construction Index 46.7, the former value of 50.8.

Deutsche Bank: expects the dollar will fall, the dollar / yen at 110.00 fear Difficult rebound, the proposed short rallies.
Even ahead of FOMC to raise interest rates, may also play a similar hedge effect in December 2015, the dollar / yen expected in the end of June fell to 103 by the end of 9-101.

British “The Times”: YouGov poll showed that 43 percent of respondents asked the British to stay in the EU, while 42% of respondents are asked the British retreat Europe.
British “Daily Telegraph”: ORB poll results show that 48% of British respondents tend to stay in the EU, while 47% of respondents asked the British retreat Europe.