• According to foreign media survey, the majority of respondents economists expect the Bank of England may be in the July 14 implementation of the first rate cut since 2009 to help stabilize June 23 day after the EU referendum to secede from the economic turmoil. Bank of England Governor Carney has made clear that, MPC may need to take prompt stimulus measures, many economists expect the MPC will be in time for the central bank in August Inflation Report released a new version of action.
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth director Greg Fleming believes that the global bond market in a negative rate of return, or yield a record low status, which means, FOMC is probably already missed hike window, over time, I am afraid this will become a problem; in view of the major central banks face a lot of challenges and uncertainties, the actual rise in the US federal funds rate was not much; some financial executives to support the Clinton campaign US President, which ironically, after all, if Wall Street people to encroach on similar e-mail Hillary door will certainly be considered to start with the goal of regulatory authorities.
  • Merrill Lynch believes that the global economic weakness unbearable, material support gold prices, gold’s recent rise is expected to $ 1,500 / ounce; silver price It may also rise to $ 30 / ounce, but more non-speculative class needs to maintain its sustainability.
  • Deutsche Bank economist Joseph LaVorgna believe that the US June non-farm payrolls data, “excellent, very strong,” even if employment growth is clearly downward trend; it must be close to 30 overall growth of people regarded as abnormal conditions, future monthly growth rate may be closer to 100,000, while the June employment data makes the risk of recession has weakened, but the reason for the longer-term health worries; the yield curve continued to flatten does not mean that economic growth is expected in 2016, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again, possibly in December; 2016 GDP is expected to grow by 1.3%.
  • BNP Paribas Paul Mortimer-Lee believes that the US June payrolls report showed that employment growth is above trend of slow, but did not like the May unexpectedly slow; the United States the last three months of the average monthly employment growth of 147,000 in July employment growth expected closer to the mean level of 5 – June data disorders, just direction different.

Source: Wall Street CN