Wallstreet reported, US Chicago Fed President Evans speech: The United States has for a long time did not raise interest rates, “we almost forget the true meaning of a rate hike.”
Reaffirming more inclined to raise interest rates later than a lot of people, followed by a very gradual normalization of interest rates, “I admit that we are going to make the decision a little nervous.”
Tend to wait until more confident on inflation upward; perhaps until next year, energy prices, unfavorable factors will reduce the dollar’s more than enough, so that the core inflation rate
The exact time is not as good as first rate hike interest rates next two important road, I am in the September meeting of the “dot” are among the most liberal of the column.
The federal funds rate to remain below 1% by the end of 2016 is likely to be appropriate; the key is to deliver incremental information FOMC to raise interest rates in the first time.
The next year and a half of real GDP growth should be closer to 2.5% rather than 2.25%; economic growth and labor market outlook continues to improve.
“We are approaching full employment mandate.”

Complete media release: Chamber of Commerce in Lansing