Fed Statement resolution: to keep interest rates unchanged at 0.25% -0.5%.
The global economic situation is still at risk.
Recent inflation will remain low level, partly due to energy prices.
Continue to pay close attention to the inflation situation.
Little change based indicators of inflation expectations survey is still running low on market-based inflation (TIPS equalization rate).
Exports and business fixed investment has gone soft.
Interval data show that the labor market more robust.
We will pay close attention to the actual inflation processes expected.
Inflation is expected to subside as the effects of oil prices and export prices to rise 2%.

The Fed is expected to report quarterly economic (SEP): according to the median forecast of 17 officials hinted in 2016 there will be two more rate hikes (projected at 4 December 2015).
Cut the federal funds interest rate expectations in value to 0.9% (1.4% in the previous feed) end of 2016, down by the end of 2017 to 1.9% Expected (previous expected 2.4%), down to the end of 2018 is expected to 3.0% (previous expected 3.3%); a longer period is expected to cut to 3.25% (previous 3.5% expected).
Maintaining the value of the unemployment rate in 2016 is expected unchanged at 4.7%.
PCE inflation rate down to 1.2% in the value of the expected 2016 (previous 1.6% expected).
Cut 2016 GDP growth forecast to 2.2% (2.4% increase the previous material).

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