The cross has been moving lower for four consecutive weeks close below 20dsma and 50dsma. The 100dema finds at 1.4475 and 100dsma at 1.4380. The 20wsma finds at 1.4440.

In the hourly chart, the chart shifted the pattern to higher low trading support finds at 1.4660, 1.4600 and 1.4550.

Intraday selling opens below 1.4660 targets at 1.4610 and 1.4560. The panic likely to be triggered below 1.4600.

Intraday trading resistance seems at 1.4710, 1.4760 and 1.4800.

The bullish momentum backs only above 1.4780. In case, If the price close above 1.4850 on a daily basis then, the bulls might aim towards 1.5000 and even more. As of now 1.4600acting as a key level to watch.