ECB Coeure: The main objective of the ECB is to maintain price stability. ECB measures have been so revive bank lending channel. Economic recovery is still restrained.

Commodity prices are the main cause CPI deviation of 2%. ECB hopes the mid-expected CPI close to 2%.

CPI downside risks to prove ECB vigilance is reasonable, CPI downside risks may take more monetary measures to provide the basis for the European Central Bank. Compared with the 2% target in the short term CPI forecast is quite bad.

The European Central Bank is to expand the asset purchase program conducted a lively discussion.

Europe is to restore economic growth, but the growth rate is still quite low.

The European Central Bank on the possibility of further action to actively consult for CPI.

Euro area long-term growth rate is still too low, the member governments to coordinate the situation is not ideal, Europe needs to strengthen economic and monetary union.

The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve did not tit for tat, the ECB made Europe the most economically advantageous thing.

The European Central Bank has a variety of tools are available for inflation, the ECB is discussing how best to use the QE and interest rates and other tools.

Source: Walstreet