Dallas Fed President Kaplan: Monetary policy has become more complex.

Oil prices fall further in the short term, will not be surprised, the oil price in 2016 is probably the worst.
There is no doubt that the global economic conditions have tightened since January this year.

Oil prices are difficult to predict, but the individual is expected to rebound in 2019.

Weak oil prices and a strong US dollar against certain industries devastating, but good consumers.

Tightening of the economic situation is one factor to assess the Fed’s rate hike path.

I do not think the United States will fall into recession in trouble this year.

Since January 1 of US debt have always been concerned about the yield curve flattening.

I hope that before the FOMC take the next step to be patient.
US economic data has made me feel at ease.
Exciting recent CPI data, will continue to focus on, will wait for more data to be announced.

However, interpretation of market signals emitted is very important.

We would like to see how economic events unfolded.
Fed remain concerned about the dollar, but the dollar is not the main consideration.

Fed action should be established on the basis of economic data, rather than relying on the default mode.
Negative interest rates expected Japan to win some time.

Central Bank policy makers never want to exclude any policy tool.

Negative interest rates in the US would have a negative reaction.

“British retreat Europe” will increase the challenge faced by the global economy, and will be “another tail risk”, being this close attention.
Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan said on Wednesday that he does not expect the United States to enter recession this year-CNBC.