Chinese exports in March year on year (in RMB terms) 18.7%, an increase of 9 slightly wounded; 14.9% expected, before the value of -20.6%.
Chinese imports in March year on year (in RMB terms) -1.7% -4.8% is expected, before the value of -8%.
China March trade account (in RMB terms) +1946 billion expected +2036.5 million, the previous value of +2095 billion.

General Administration of Customs: China trade still faces significant obstacles.
Chinese exports in the second quarter are expected to stabilize.
China’s economy in a reasonable range.
China remains the key engine of global recovery.
China’s policy will support this year’s trade.
Stable RMB exchange rate is expected to help stabilize trading company.

China January – March trade surplus of $ 125.7 billion.
China January – March exports denominated in US dollars fell 9.6%.
China 1 –3 month in US dollar-denominated imports fell 13.5%.

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