China in July above-scale industrial added value increased 6.0%, expected 6.2%, the previous value of 6.2%.

China –7 months, fixed asset investment up 8.1%, expected 8.9%, the previous value of 9%.

China January-July total retail sales of social consumer goods rose 10.3%, 10.3% is expected, before the value of 10.3%.

Up 10.2% of China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods in July, it is expected to 10.5%, the previous value of 10.6%.

NBS:China economic differentiation, the degree of downward adjustment in Liaoning province than other regions. Chinese traditional industries pains continues.

  • Greater downward pressure on China’s high proportion of state-owned enterprises facing the region.
  • China Yajian excess capacity from the long term economic development benefit.
  • China Yajian excess capacity on commodity prices rise there is a certain contribution.
  • Short-term price rise will not affect China Yajian overcapacity determination.

State Securities: industrial growth in line with expectations, retail sales are still tepid, but the rapid decline in investment growth. In the context of monetary policy steady, steady growth in the second half still need financial or force.

The State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng to Win, said private investment growth rate of decline there is a certain relationship with the access system. Some new industries and services, is still in the rising period, a relatively large space for development, private capital is willing to vote. However, the reform also requires a process, so some service industries, including telecommunications, oil and gas, private capital is not easy to enter, which is also a factor in the impact of private investment.

Bureau of Statistics: July slowed down the pace of private fixed asset investment growth slowdown. Private enterprises are still faced with the problem of financing. In the long term slowdown in fixed asset investment is reasonable, it is advantageous to adjust the structure. Infrastructure investment is still a large space. PPI year decline narrowed and weakened due to hikes in commodity prices rebound; PPI fell coarctation is a positive signal. Real estate sales are still strong, but the growth rate is slowing. In the long term the real estate market will remain stable and healthy.