A$ trading lower against USD after China October import and exports data fell below expectations. Compared with September foreign trade was slightly improved but both imports and exports fell.

Import and export value in the first 10 months of 19.56 trillion yuan.

Year to date- According to customs statistics, the first 10 months of this year, import and export value of 19.56 trillion yuan, down 1.9% over the same period last year .

Among this, exports 11.22 trillion yuan, down 2 percent; imports of 8.34 trillion yuan, down 1.8%; trade surplus of 2.88 trillion yuan, reduced by 2.6%.

Monthly basis- In October, import and export value of 2.05 trillion yuan, down 0.6%. Among this, exports 1.19 trillion yuan, down 3.2%; imports of 860.6 billion yuan, up 3.2 percent; trade surplus of 325.25 billion yuan, narrowed 16.8%.

Commodity imports iron ore, crude oil and copper increased, mainly imported goods prices generally fall.