US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Friday (August 12) released its weekly report, as of August 9 the week, speculators net long gold holdings also head positions.

Specific data show that as of August 9 the week, COMEX gold speculative net long positions fell 11,516 hands, to 255,773 hands.

In addition, hedge funds and fund managers holdings of two consecutive weeks of net long positions in Comex silver after silver net long positions for six weeks a record high.

COMEX silver speculative net long positions to reduce 3409 hand to 89,132 hand.

Copper net position by more than the net into headroom. Reduction of copper speculators net long positions 18344 hand, COMEX copper into speculative positions held by 200 hand clearance contracts.

Source: Fx168 Financial Network