CFTC data show bullish yen level reached the strongest since 2012
Yen net long 52,734 contracts, call level since February 7, 2012 the strongest, the week before 47901 contracts.
Euro net short 46,857 contracts, bearish degree since June 3, 2014 the weakest, the previous week 48,205 contracts.
Aussie net longs 9575 contracts, call level since May 26, 2015 the strongest, the week before 2807 contracts.
CHF net shorts 2321 contracts, bearish degree weakest since January 19, a week before the 4366 contracts.
Canadian dollar net shorts 36940 contracts, bearish extent since November 17, 2015 the weakest, the week before 45085 contracts.
Sterling net shorts 33068 contracts, the weakest level bearish week before 36255 contracts since January 12.