The cross has been moving higher for five consecutive days, manage to close above 20Dsma.

Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Chairman Debelle: Australian economic growth is likely to slow down medium-term. Bond market liquidity is declining regulatory objectives want to see.

Traders are waiting for FOMC meeting outcome.

Deutsche Bank: Fed policymakers might indicate prudent approach is “doing nothing.”

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein: financial markets swooning, because no one recognized the Fed’s future approach, US economic data does not support the FOMC plus interest, FOMC policymakers lack of consensus, may not take action in September.

Goldman Sachs chief economist Hatzius: US far failed to achieve the inflation target, the Fed is still too early to raise interest rates now that the FOMC rate hike postponed until 2016. The idea is not crazy.

Barclays: The Fed will not raise interest rates, it is expected to be postponed until March 2016 and then to take action.

The monthly support finds at 0.6850. Until the cross remains above 0.6850 use a dip to buy, view valid for positional trades.

The cross is trading at 0.7197 at Asia’s session, made a double top in the four hour chart. Intraday resistance seems at 0.7215 and 0.7250. On a weekly basis, the cross made a double bottom formation at 0.6900.

Multiple resistance levels seem between 0.7200, 0.7215, 0.7235 and 0.7250 50Dsma. Ahead of the FOMC wild moves expected. The cross must close above 50Dsma to retain the strength aims at 0.7440 and 0.7500.

Intraday support finds at 0.7170, 0.7130 and 0.7080. Until the cross holds 0.7060 intraday trend favours buying on dips.

Hourly momentum indicating are in overbought, developing negative divergence.

Intraday selling opens below 0.7170, accelerates below 0.7150.