“The Fed news agency” Hilsenrath: Fed’s July meeting sought to keep their options and trying to coordinate the economic outlook of differences, but also to the next rate hike will be discussed. Despite the complexity of the current context, but some officials tried to remind investors that the timing of the next rate hike is closer. Some Fed fears subsided somewhat in recent weeks, including the UK off-European referendum concerns.
Most Fed officials expect economic growth will accelerate in the second half.

Standard & Poor‘s: US spending and the labor market is expected to encourage the Fed to raise interest rates in December. Commodity price weakness is probably still pose a major threat to the region.

Gluskin Sheff’s Rosenberg: FOMC Minutes File Federal Reserve policy meeting in July is not surprising. Fed huge consensus is to keep the state of disagreement.
I am afraid that the Fed will remain on hold for the foreseeable future.
US cumulative CPI is more likely to rise, but not accelerate higher.
Negative interest rates will not be landing in North America, negative interest rates has become “a thing of the past”, or a high risk strategy.
The Bank of Canada will not be long-term interest rates.

Deutsche Bank chief economist Joseph A. LaVorgna: Fed minutes hinted off the job market in Europe and a slowdown of two major uncertainties subside.
Still expect the Fed to raise interest rates in December.

Deutsche Bank: The Fed may now be closer to the center of the third handle Dudley’s view, rather than July FOMC meeting minutes.

FTN: Minutes of meeting means that the Fed will not tighten monetary policy in September.

SGH CEO Sassan Ghahramani think, FOMC remains ready to raise interest rates before the end of the year, if economic data remains on track, Yellen is likely to further increase in September interest to open the door, and will certainly raise interest rates before the end of 12; Dudley “to confirm the current thing should be clear that the Fed remains determined to raise interest rates before the end of the year,” Yellen August 26 in Jackson Hole speech may seem to reconcile the two conflicting signals.

Implied interest rate strategist at TD Securities Gennadiy Goldberg: July level hawkish Fed FOMC minutes did not seem to show of the New York Fed President Dudley, etc. person implies less obvious, indeed the emergence of a large number of comments on monetary policy meeting in July, the extent of which may hawks as good as the market had expected so strong.

Merrill Lynch global head of economic research Harris: US economy is not good, so the Fed will be on hold. The Fed is expected before December will not raise interest rates.

Brad: I think only in view of the need for the foreseeable future rate hike, do not need to think too much notice in September 2016 or later hike. Fed “is very close to our goal.”
US unemployment rate will remain at current levels or lower levels. Rebound in US economic growth, which is very important to adjust interest rates.

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